Success Tracking University launches today!

Success Tracking - the art and science of self optimisation through feedback - is needed everywhere there is a digital experience.

We're founded to build a knowledge base, spread best practice and encourage a global community of success tracking practioners.

Over the next few years we will introduce courses on Success Tracking design. We'll be working with course instructors who can produce and deliver specialised content for their area of expertise.

We'll be working closely with success tracking tools and technologies such as Rise to provide training and links to deliver success tracking in many contexts.

Over time we aim to cover a variety of categories and use cases from short term event use cases to continuous improvement in management context and in-app analytics.

We look forward to journeying together to spread trustworthy and transparent success tracking to the world.

If you have a short story that we could use for a guest post let me know - we'd love to hear your experience of how numerical feedback has driven behaviour whether good or bad!

Thanks for joining us on our journey!